Learn from Pioneering iOS Experts 



As Apple struggles to meet global demand for iPads, iPhones, and iPods, doors are opening for developers to build new businesses and contribute to the 77% “very satisfied” customer approval rating on iOS, topping all other mobile devices. The App Store (housing over 300,000 iOS applications, being downloaded at warp speed) continues to bridge the gap between developers and purchasers. With the right mix of hard work and product know-how, your product can be in consumer's hands with just a few taps!

The Voices That Matter: iPhone Developers Conference program has been designed by a team of iOS experts, led by our Technical Chair, Erica Sadun. 

You reinforced your skills and discovered emerging trends this April at the Voices That Matter: iPhone Developers Conference, where we connected you with some of the biggest names in the industry, as they taught you how to create effective user interfaces, utilizing exciting design and the latest technology, for the iPhone, iPad, or both.


See some of the photos from the conference.